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From the very beginnings, the D.B.T. D.o.o. has focused on wholesale of fittings and tools for producing doors, windows and furniture.

Longstanding successful business provides the conditions for high-quality, efficient and reliable work, as well as meeting the demands of the market, customers and other interested parties.

All future endeavours must be oriented toward permanent improvement of the system and customer satisfaction.

The quality policy of the D.B.T d.o.o. is to be understood, applied and maintained on all levels of the company. Our quality policy is:

  1. First, to meet the demands of our users and other interested parties by providing services of the required quality, while maintaining optimal prices and with a timely realization of services.
  2. Continuous increase of the efficiency of service execution through quality management performance costs, optimal planning and adaptation of business processes.
  3. Regular monitoring, measuring and improving the level our business operates on through learning and applying new knowledge.
  4. Setting and achieving business goals, which lead to the improvement of quality and efficiency of operations and reduction of customer complaints.
  5. Continuously grow our business volume in accordance with market and customers’ requirements, and at least maintain the current position on the domestic market while expanding activities to a foreign (target) market.
  6. Ensure work safety and employee satisfaction.
  7. Protect the health and safety of customers, employees and all other interested parties.
  8. Constantly improve the quality of our services by adhering to technical standards and norms, legal regulations and the requirements of the international ISO 9001:2015 standard.

CEO: Drago Bukovina



banner-6The company was founded in 1991 and has positioned itself in wholesale of fittings for the wood industry. Throughout the years, we have adopted many programs from the most famous European manufacturers and have thus come closer to the domestic market with several thousand items in our permanent offer.