D.B.T. d.o.o. was founded at the end of 1991 and has from the beginning been turning into a company focused on working on the market of hardware and accessories for the production of doors, windows and furniture. We have been able to maintain this focus during the past 24 years of work and have thus far built a wide range of products of domestic production, as well as products from influential European manufacturers.

All available funds and work were previously primarily focused on increasing our offer, building our own infrastructure and conquering the market. Today, we can fulfil every order from a wide assortment in a very short time. In a way that the goods are at the customer's address within 24 hours of the moment we received the order. This applies to the whole Croatian territory.

In B&H, in city of Bihać, we founded the company Favorit-BH d.o.o. in 1997 and D.B.T. d.o.o. In Slovenia. Radlje ob Dravi has been operational since 2005, and in Serbia, in Belgrade, the company D.B.T. was founded in 2005. Okovi d.o.o. All companies listed follow the same work program as D.B.T. d.o.o., Zaprešić.